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God, what a day…

Actually, what a week!  It’s been one thing after another here in LibraryLand(TM).  Not going to go into too much detail here, but it’s amazing how things pile up.  What seems like a simple project ends up turning into a logistical nightmare.

But ’tis now the weekend as far as I’m concerned, and frankly it couldn’t get here soon enough for me.  I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with that special someone in my life, dining Slovak-style this evening and generally drinking slightly more than is good for me.  I’m not doing it to forget, you know… honest 😉

Ooh, and I’m also planning to indulge in a game or two of squash.  What better way is there to relieve the tension than to take it out on a poor, unsuspecting rubber ball?!


Publicity fiend

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Having been pro-active in terms of library advertising the other night at the AGM I have once again been beavering away, developing relationships with new stakeholders [that word again!] and raising awareness of library services.

I also managed to get myself involved in an advertising campaign for the organisation in general this afternoon, and spent a good few hours having fun with that!  I’ve really been seeing the benefits of my pro-active approach in recent weeks, in terms of increasing use of current services… it makes all the hard work seem worthwhile!

And now the working day has ended… to the pub!!

Guido’s mistake

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Last night political blogger Guido Fawkes made a film for the BBC’s Newsnight programme, urging mainstream political journalists to be more forthright in their reporting of events, and not fear being shunned by the politicians in power if their reports are unfavourable.

Now, making the film wasn’t the mistake – in fact it was very entertaining, as much of Guido’s blog commentary can be. It didn’t exactly show some leading political commentators in the best light, and it’s always fun seeing Paxo being on the receiving end of questioning and losing his rag in the process! However, the mistake came in the debate he engaged in afterwards, with Paxo and Grauniad political chappy Michael White. The two were evidently trying to get their own back for the aforementioned film, and White was particularly hard-nosed in his approach.

I can’t help thinking that some people take some of this stuff a bit too seriously. I read Guido’s blog for a laugh, and to enjoy what he has to say about politicians and politics in general. Ok, he probably gets things wrong from time to time, but so what – we all make mistakes, and although White suggested that if he were to say things and make a mistake he would have someone writing in to the Grauniad complaining, so too Guido receives more instant chastisement or praise from the army of bloggers who read him. No-one is immune to criticism.

All this just goes to show how mainstream journalists can be ferociously protective of their
positions, and their “privileged” access to the “great and the good” *snigger*. They evidently don’t take kindly to bloggers moving onto “their” patch. All I can say is, they’d better get used to it because the technology’s here to stay, and bloggers won’t just walk away at the first sign of opposition from mainstream media.


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I’m absolutely wrecked this evening. It’s been a long week, and we’re only at Wednesday!

Travel has been the main cause. I’ve been flying all over the country – sometimes for leisure, mostly for work though. I travelled to my organisation’s AGM last night to speak to stakeholders [oooer, management speak!] about the library, its current services and plans for the future. It’s not often I’m presented with a captive audience, so I made the most of the opportunity. Basically, the night turned into one big marketing opportunity – disseminate information to the masses in the presentation and then re-enforce the message later by networking at the soiree afterwards. It’s amazing how effective personal contact can be – as a result I’ve had a particularly busy day, and I’ve also raised interest in a number of Web 2.0 initiatives I’m launching.

Stakeholders always seem surprised when you point out that libraries are actually service providers, and that as librarians we are always looking for opportunities to develop services for their benefit. This is why shouting about it is so important. I suspect that the majority of people I spoke to last night viewed me as the “guardian” of the organisation’s books. I would like to think that the majority left realising that there’s much more to what I’m doing than that, and maybe even thinking about using thinking of taking advantage of new services and resources the library is offering.

Library escape

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For those of you who are bored at work this afternoon, why not try a game of Library escape.  I haven’t played it myself yet, but the description does suggest that there’ll be a certain amount of shelving involved 😉

Crazy lady in the street

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This morning I had the pleasure of walking past a woman who was chastising her surely-less-than-one-year-old baby for exercising too much independence of thought – to which the baby merely replied by sucking on its dummy a la Maggy from the Simpsons!

I do like the fact that there are such, erm, interesting people about still!

Magnum, A.L.

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Magnum, A.L.

Thanks to The Shifted Librarian for posting this excellent video from the people at American Libraries. What an excellent way of celebrating 100 years of the magazine!!

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