I’m absolutely wrecked this evening. It’s been a long week, and we’re only at Wednesday!

Travel has been the main cause. I’ve been flying all over the country – sometimes for leisure, mostly for work though. I travelled to my organisation’s AGM last night to speak to stakeholders [oooer, management speak!] about the library, its current services and plans for the future. It’s not often I’m presented with a captive audience, so I made the most of the opportunity. Basically, the night turned into one big marketing opportunity – disseminate information to the masses in the presentation and then re-enforce the message later by networking at the soiree afterwards. It’s amazing how effective personal contact can be – as a result I’ve had a particularly busy day, and I’ve also raised interest in a number of Web 2.0 initiatives I’m launching.

Stakeholders always seem surprised when you point out that libraries are actually service providers, and that as librarians we are always looking for opportunities to develop services for their benefit. This is why shouting about it is so important. I suspect that the majority of people I spoke to last night viewed me as the “guardian” of the organisation’s books. I would like to think that the majority left realising that there’s much more to what I’m doing than that, and maybe even thinking about using thinking of taking advantage of new services and resources the library is offering.