Just browsing around a few of the blogs I read, and there are some good April fool jokes around.  My personal favourite comes from Google, who have announced the “launch” of Google TiSP – toilet powered wireless broadband where you need it most in your home 😉  Most impressive of all is the installation instructions, to be found by following the link “get started now”.

Iain Dale also announces his intention to run for office as Mayor of London, a sure-fire April fools announcement, though less obvious if you don’t read his blog that often.

The ALA Techsource Blog also has a piece on Google purchasing OCLC which smells a bit fishy to me, particularly given some of the screen shots with headers such as “GoooooooCLC”, and comments like “Publishers are already crying foul and their lawyers are furiously filing lawsuits, but our reading of copyright law and the fact that Google has added the name “library” to the product means the lawsuits will ultimately fail”.  Of course, my suggesting that this is an April fool could backfire on me.  Should this be revealed to be a real story then the biggest fool around will be Knihovnik.  Ah well, time will tell…