Just watched the new episode of Doctor Who. I was never a big fan in the old days (Sylvester MacWhatsit, long scarves, John Pertwee and all that) but my girlfriend got me into the new incarnations last year and now, I’m afraid, I’m hooked!

Tonight’s episode was a classic, involving the bard himself (master wordsmith… “shut your mouths!”) the good Doctor as always (master of time, space, and inappropriate punning) and the new companion Martha Jones (master mistress 😉 ). Oh, and not to forget witchy bad guys who cackle suspiciously like the apothecary from the Up Pompeii series! Throw in some special effects, a wind machine and a whole heap of straw (Elizabethan carpet-stuff) and you’ve got a cracker of a show! If you didn’t see it…why not?! Get watching the replays damn it!!