The online peer-reviewed journal First Monday  has an interesting article by Alison J. Head entitled Beyond Google: how do students conduct academic research?

This “insider’s view of the student’s research process” emerges from research conducted by librarians at Saint Mary’s College of California (SMC) and aims to take a detailed look a the conceptualization and practical conducting of research, as well as the “barriers students encounter while conducting course-related research”.

This is definitely an interesting study, though with a sample of only 13 students studied (in a college of nearly 4000) some may question how representative the results actually are.  Practicalities of the research methods almost certainly restricted the numbers participating, and these kinds of logistics are often a very limiting factor.  However,  I’d be interested to know if a much larger sample (say 10 times the size) would produce similar results.

Hat-tip to iLibrarian for highlighting this article.