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JISC has developed a series of online modular information resources, called infoKits, aimed (I think) at helping and supporting people in the education sector to effectively plan, implement and manage information and communication technologies.  Modules cover diverse topics, including change management, records management, contract negotiation and systems implementation.  These are classified as “core” infoKits, but there are also what are described as “applied” infoKits, usefully covering more practical aspects such as effectively using virtual learning environments (VLEs).

I’ve taken a look at some of the more general information management modules, such as “Managing the information lifecycle” and “email management”, and they look very useful.  I’m sure that they are of great value to those working in education, but the broader topics will certainly have appeal for those working in other sectors.  Handily, you can choose to walk your way through different sections, skipping information you are more familiar with [so pedagogically sound in terms of allowing access to learners at different levels] or you can download the whole thing as a PDF file to print or save to a computer/mobile device as required

Spotted as one of Sheila Webber’s posts on the Information Literacy Weblog.


Designing a Presidential Library made easy…

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Scott Carlson, writing for the Chronicle of Higher Education: Chronicle Review, has found a novel and cheap solution to the problem of commissioning and choosing library designs… ask readers for entries on the back of an envelope.

In this case the “competition” aims to find a suitable design for the George W. Bush Presidential Library – take a look at the results!

Sadly there isn’t a library shaped like a giant chimp, but I am rather partial to the “Hole in the Ground” design.

Some information please?

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Spotted on Library Stuff... I love “A bit of Fry and Laurie”, but this is genius”. Stephen Fry plays the ultimate information professional… in terms of knowledge, anyway. Not so sure about the attitude though…