Designing a Presidential Library made easy…

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Scott Carlson, writing for the Chronicle of Higher Education: Chronicle Review, has found a novel and cheap solution to the problem of commissioning and choosing library designs… ask readers for entries on the back of an envelope.

In this case the “competition” aims to find a suitable design for the George W. Bush Presidential Library – take a look at the results!

Sadly there isn’t a library shaped like a giant chimp, but I am rather partial to the “Hole in the Ground” design.


Some information please?

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Spotted on Library Stuff... I love “A bit of Fry and Laurie”, but this is genius”. Stephen Fry plays the ultimate information professional… in terms of knowledge, anyway. Not so sure about the attitude though…

Cake or Death? I’ll have those fiddly bits of red lego please…

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Some people have far too much time on their hands… but in this case that’s most definitely a good thing! I don’t know who came up with the idea of animating Eddie Izzard’s famous forray into the world of pre-finality selection rituals, but it’s genius!! And it’s lego too!!

Thank you for flying CofE airways – cake or death? 😉

One man mobile “library”

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I haven’t really posted much of late as I’ve hit a really busy patch at work and haven’t really had time.  Evenings have been spent recovering from a hard day in front of the computer.

However, I couldn’t let the day pass without a quick mention of  this story about a Japanese gentleman who has dropped everything to listen to his social conscience.  Initially he planned to try to persuade Japanese libraries to stock certain books on the environment and social issues, but because he received a negative response from many of them he took on the mantle himself.  He now distributes these books himself from… wait for it… his customized bicycle, complete with waterwheel-shaped bookshelf!

I’m sure his stock must get soggy quite quickly!  Still, it’s nice to see someone making the effort to promote a cause they feel passionately about – and the eccentric manner in which it’s done only makes it more interesting for the rest of us!

P.S.  I’ve been playing around with MS Dewey today.  It’s quite interesting, and seems to present me with some very relevant results to my searches, but bl**** h*** can that woman nag!! 😉  I’m glad she’s got a mute button!

O… “they’ve done it, they’ve really done it!!”

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Ok, so we’ve established that there may be a little bit of misguidance in the MSFT camp – heck, they’ve got it in for one of the most enduring and popular forms of media ever invented!! They do, however, employ people with a sense of humour. That’s right! Don’t believe me? Well, not to be outdone by one S. Jobs’ iPhone, the boys and girls at Microsoft have apparently been working on a little project of their own.

*Drum roll*

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the oPhone!!!