Designing a Presidential Library made easy…

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Scott Carlson, writing for the Chronicle of Higher Education: Chronicle Review, has found a novel and cheap solution to the problem of commissioning and choosing library designs… ask readers for entries on the back of an envelope.

In this case the “competition” aims to find a suitable design for the George W. Bush Presidential Library – take a look at the results!

Sadly there isn’t a library shaped like a giant chimp, but I am rather partial to the “Hole in the Ground” design.


Guido’s mistake

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Last night political blogger Guido Fawkes made a film for the BBC’s Newsnight programme, urging mainstream political journalists to be more forthright in their reporting of events, and not fear being shunned by the politicians in power if their reports are unfavourable.

Now, making the film wasn’t the mistake – in fact it was very entertaining, as much of Guido’s blog commentary can be. It didn’t exactly show some leading political commentators in the best light, and it’s always fun seeing Paxo being on the receiving end of questioning and losing his rag in the process! However, the mistake came in the debate he engaged in afterwards, with Paxo and Grauniad political chappy Michael White. The two were evidently trying to get their own back for the aforementioned film, and White was particularly hard-nosed in his approach.

I can’t help thinking that some people take some of this stuff a bit too seriously. I read Guido’s blog for a laugh, and to enjoy what he has to say about politicians and politics in general. Ok, he probably gets things wrong from time to time, but so what – we all make mistakes, and although White suggested that if he were to say things and make a mistake he would have someone writing in to the Grauniad complaining, so too Guido receives more instant chastisement or praise from the army of bloggers who read him. No-one is immune to criticism.

All this just goes to show how mainstream journalists can be ferociously protective of their
positions, and their “privileged” access to the “great and the good” *snigger*. They evidently don’t take kindly to bloggers moving onto “their” patch. All I can say is, they’d better get used to it because the technology’s here to stay, and bloggers won’t just walk away at the first sign of opposition from mainstream media.